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Lhami is a boutique skincare brand, handmade in small batches, using all natural and certified organic plant oils and extracts. My products are all about making everyday rituals moments to savour, breathing in the beautiful fragrances, and loving the softness and glow that these amazing ingredients give your skin.

We are all so busy, I think we should make lots of 5 minute moments where we stop, breathe deeply and centre ourselves.  It just slows down the frantic activity of kids, housework, jobs, and life! The things we do everyday, like washing our face and having a shower – are perfect times to just slow down for a second.  Breathe in the beautiful essential oils, and feel good because you are nurturing your self, and that’s SOOOO important to our health and wellbeing.

Lhami is pronounced laa-mee and is Tibetan for ‘Divine’ or ‘Goddess’.  I spent some time living in the mountains of Nepal with a Tibetan Lama and his family, and I feel a strong connection to the culture and situation of the Tibetan people.

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